Syntax Error is an experimental music and
media project based in Toronto, Canada.

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11.17.13 - Joshua Hemming - Some Other
I wrote this song by combining elements of
industrial, rock, electronic, and orchestral music.
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08.18.13 - Joshua Hemming - Green Sleeves
This is an arrangement I did of Green Sleeves
by an unknown composer. It's a little darker
than some of the version I've heard.
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12.25.12 - Joshua Hemming - The Little Drummer Boy
This is an arrangement I did of The Little
Drummer Boy, originally composed by K Davis.
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10.26.12 - Joshua Hemming - Gliese
After almost a year of writers block, I am
finally composing again. Here is something
I recently completed.
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11.27.11 - Syntax Error - Premeditation
This is an orchestral piece I wrote a few
months ago. It has a very dark feel to it.
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10.15.11 - Syntax Error - Channels
This is piece I composed recently. It is
a fusion of ambient, electronic, and
orchestral styles.
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08.19.11 - Syntax Error - Leviathan
A bombastic orchestral piece with an
action-adventure feel.
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03.11.11 - Tonal Locus - Retroactive Continuity
This was a track I co-wrote with Peter Hasek
as part of our collaborative project 'Tonal
Locus. It was written in 2009.
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11.15.10 - Syntax Error - 55Cancri
This piece was composed Summer 2010, and
is a fusion of orchestral instrumentation
and percussive elements. Draft version.
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11.15.10 - Syntax Error - Jeremiah's Secret
This piece was composed as an overture for the
Simon of Space suite. It was my first serious
attempt at composing for orchestral instrumentation.
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11.14.10 - Syntax Error Studio Mix (Part One)
This mix was recorded live in the studio, and is
comprised of live mixes of a number of older tracks
plus some improvisational content. Length: 35.45
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11.13.10 - Syntax Error - I Am
This piece was composed as the finale for the
Simon of Space suite. It's short and simple,
with orchestral instrumentation.
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11.12.10 - Syntax Error - Cat Scratch Fever
This is a track composed Summer 2009. This track
is downtempo/experimental with both synth-based
and orchestral sounds.
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12.17.09 - d3fuNcTi0n - Trickier
This track was part of the NIN-influenced
industrial collaboration with d3fuNcTi0n.
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04.02.09 - d3fuNcTi0n - It
This track was part of the NIN-influenced
industrial collaboration with d3fuNcTi0n.
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